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Every project is different, and the teams engaged in the delivery of those projects are also different. This can change what a client advocate should bring to the project. As a client advocate, BMM provide support over many different aspects of a project including providing some professional services for the project. This requires a good working knowledge of project needs including start-up, contractual, cost management, design, construction, commissioning and handover processes. The advantage of engaging BMM as a client advocate is that the client is also effectively engaging a technical expert for the project. If the technical engagement runs substantially through the project and involves attending regular meetings, then the client advocate is always up to speed with the project status and so can provide advice with little or no lead in time. This means the client receives the benefit of the client advocacy role at little or no extra cost.


It is important to have a robust quality assurance process to provide design verification to ensure the proposed design solutions are in line with the briefing material for the project. Rigorous reviews of the design are required at each of the nominated project milestones. These reviews should be structured to enable feedback directly into, and provide strengthening of, the proposed design. It should also give the client organisation confidence that the design is being correctly assessed against brief requirements. BMM has significant experience carrying out design reviews and peer reviews.


The role of ICA is to ensure that the commissioned outcome matches the client’s requirements. It can link closely with defect review and management and includes commissioning management and building tuning. Commissioning is a critical factor in the success of a project and requires specific and particular attention. The building commissioning process must validate and document that the performance of the total facility and its systems meet the brief. Because building systems are integrated, a deficiency in any component can result in sub-prime operation and performance among other components. Correcting deficiencies provides benefits over multiple systems.The ICA can provide certainty around the commissioned outcome and they are a valuable asset to any project. BMM has a strong track record of being an effective ICA and has extensive experience carrying out this role combined with other project roles and so adding more value for money.


Maintenance planning and maintenance assessment are Whole-of-Life roles. BMM have a long-term focus and address issues associated with major business decisions for any commercial development. Maintenance plans identify short and long-term actions and targets that impact the client’s asset, its value, and return over the long term including life cycle costs. Strategic maintenance and asset planning links stakeholder demands and related legislative requirements with the risks and costs associated with maintaining and managing the asset. It also allows maintenance expenditure to be focussed in areas of greatest need in accordance with the demand for maintaining the required commercial return on investment. These roles are best commenced in the planning and design review stages of a project and continue throughout. As a Whole-of-Life role, it is an area where the BMM approach adds value.


The role of Services Superintendent is contractual and can also be described as assistance to contract management. It usually includes tasks related to contract administration, programming, variations, costs, claims and quality checks. A Services Superintendent may have obligations under the contract to be fair and impartial to the contracted parties. BMM have extensive experience working in this role. BMM propose acting as technical support to the client or relevant appointed parties. This role links closely with defects review and close out.


The defects review and close out role links closely with that of a Services Superintendent and Independent Commissioning Agent (ICA). This role looks at quality issues at all phases of a project and works to enforce compliance with the project brief. This role provides value for money to clients by matching project expectations to the documentation and the individual built elements. It involves rigorous inspection of materials and workmanship throughout the construction process. It is important that these inspections be carried out regularly and impartially. This process requires an auditable trail of documentation from the original briefing documents through to the final design documentation. BMM has carried out this role on many projects, usually in combination with one or many other roles.


Technology is a very fast evolving field and it takes specialist experience to make the best use of the myriad of options available. BMM understands that technology must provide a tangible operational outcome to improve efficiency and effectiveness. BMM comprises a core team of engineers who have decades of practical specialist experience to draw upon when adopting technology. BMM technology team has demonstrable experience in highly resilience and available systems borne from mission critical, commercial and health environments where technology is fundamental to ongoing operations. BMM understand the importance of all seven layer of the ISO model and how even the most fundamental cabling transport layer is critical and needs to be matched to network design and longevity of infrastructure cabling. The network topology and the cyber security of the network are very much critical operational elements as the threat profile is both internal and external to organisations both malicious and inadvertent. As the drive towards more integration and the interconnection of previously disparate system leads to great end-user benefits it also opens new risk vectors which requires more robust systems interface engineering. BMM understands that Technology services are a specialist field and requires specialist resources.

BMM offers a range of customised services to assist clients such as:

  • Technology road mapping and briefing (cabling, network and system integration)
  • Briefing and AFL input
  • Design and Construct
  • Independent AFL and Design Brief reviews
  • Client representation
  • Concept and design development
  • Systems Interface Engineering
  • Procurement
  • Construction administration
  • Detailed commissioning


The mitigation of security risks is a combination of logical, operational and physical security systems integrated under a cohesive management plan. Best practice Security Management Plans should include multiple layers.

BMM offers a range of customised services to assist clients such as:

  • Facility master planning
  • Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED)
  • Perimeter security including Hostile Vehicle Mitigation
  • Physical construction advice
  • SCEC Zone security consulting
  • Electronic security – security management systems integrating access control, CCTV, intruder detection systems, duress and communication

Technology road maps and system migration must address security threats and careful consideration of security technology needs which then can be optimized based on the risk appetite for the situation. BMM provides can provide this advice based on practical experience with security managers, manufacturers and system integrators across market sectors to provide a deep understanding of the latest technology.

BMM understands that security requirements are specific to stakeholders which can change over time. BMM offers a range of customised services to assist clients such as:

  • Condition and readiness assessments
  • Independent AFL and design brief review
  • Client representation
  • SCEC Zone assessments
  • Scope demarcation and planning
  • Concept and design development
  • Procurement
  • Construction administration
  • Detailed commissioning
  • Security Operations support