Doris Blackburn Building Forrest, ACT

Services Provided:

  • Building and Engineering Consultants
  • Engineering services FDB preparation
  • Design and documentation review
  • Tenant advocacy
  • Compliance auditing
  • Commissioning validation

Contract Value:

$55M AUD


Department of Human Services

Completion Date:

March 2013

Project Description

This project was for the construction of an office building to house the Secretary and offices of the Department of Human Services. This 9,500 square metres of office space comprises general office accommodation, Secretary’s Suite, primary and secondary communications facilities and underground car parking.

This is one of three projects providing a range of tenant advocacy services undertaken by Barmco Mana for the Department of Human Services.


The services provided by Barmco Mana included the development of a base building design brief in accordance with the Department’s requirements, peer review services, tenant advocacy, superintendence of engineering services construction, commissioning validation to functional requirements undertaken by the Head Contractor , budget review and cost planning, amongst many other tasks.

Value Added / Special features

Barmco Mana Partnership provided a wide range of support to the Department of Human Services and were able to provide quick and effective advice to assist with building and construction-related issues.

These services ranged from construction programming and budget estimates to technical advice and reporting in relation to leased properties, and data centre installations and other associated process requirements.