Department of Human Services Energy Dashboards

Services Provided:

  • Design Development
  • Building & Engineering Consultants
  • Commissioning & Validation
  • Project management
  • Contractor Administration
  • Tendering & Procurement
  • Client Liaison

Contract Value:

$250k AUD


Department of Human Services

Completion Date:

March 2013




Project Description

In this project, a series of sensors monitoring water, gas and electricity were installed in three buildings occupied by the Department of Human Services. The sensors are monitored by Delta Controls enteliWEB software, with the resulting information being analysed and shared with users via the pictured Energy Dashboards. A secure connection shares the data between buildings, allowing for energy efficiency to be ranked between floors and buildings.


Barmco Mana was responsible for developing the concept of this project, as well as providing support during the product’s development. In doing this, Barmco Mana ensured that the client received the most effective, user-friendly system possible.

Value Added / Special features

Energy monitoring and display systems are not unique. However, they often suffer from overly complex displays and a lack of guidance on how to improve energy use. Barmco Mana worked closely with a graphic artist to design a display which conveys energy efficiency information in a simple, immediately understandable form. Barmco Mana was also responsible for the incorporation of a second display showing energy-saving tips, proving advice directly to tenants on how to improve efficiency.