Calvary Hospital Electrical Suppliers & Stand By Power Requirements


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Project Value:



Calvary Health Care Bruce

Project Description

In 2013 the Calvary Hospital Bruce experienced a significant power outage resulting in site wide failures of supplies when both authority feeders to the complex failed and generator backed supplies also failed.  BMP was engaged to complete a review of the circumstances of the failure and nominate a set of corrective action to ensure future stability of generator supplies in the event of this type of failure reoccurring.  As a consequence of this review it was also determined that the current electrical infrastructure on the site was in part overloaded requiring remedial action to remove restriction of future development being affected by power distribution and providing eliminating the overloads noted.


BMP completed a number of required investigations.  Main stake holders contributing included Calvary Healthcare Bruce, ACTEW, Shelmerdine and Partners Consulting Engineers, Byatt Consulting quantity surveyor, incumbent electrical contractors, switchboard manufacturers.

In review of the overall site strategy it became apparent that a significant amount of manual intervention was still necessary.  Strategies were adopted in conjunction to automate all site transfers and provide monitoring of the “health” of electrical supplies including with ACTEW’s assistance partial automation of changeover of high voltage supplies.  This has been seen a significant risk mitigation strategy by Calvary Healthcare again causing re-evaluation of the residual risk.


Value Added / Special features

BMP are in the process of finalising this engagement through superintending the construction Project Manager and its trade contractors.  This project is seen to be building on the success of BMP on the Calvary Campus.  “They (BMP) have made themselves aware of Calvary’s long term objectives and ensure that works implemented today meet the objectives of tomorrow most cost effectively and efficiently”  Luke Douma Facilities Manager Calvary Healthcare.