Calvary Hospital Campus Chilled Water

Applicable RFT Professional Services:

  • Building & Engineering Consultants,
  • Project Management Service Providers,
  • Contract Management Consultants,
  • Quantity Surveyors and Cost Planners.

Contract Value:

$420,000 AUD


Calvary Health Care ACT

Completion Date:

November 2011

Project Description

The project involved the development of a Masterplan for the central chilled water system across the entire campus. The existing system was old and no longer serviced the campus effectively.

A long term plan was developed for the upgrade of the system to a full primary/secondary loop design and planned for new equipment and plant spacial requirements.


The collaborative alliance members delivered all of the relevant services set out in the applicable RFT professional services listed in the adjacent column.

This included developing the project concept, design and budget estimates, developing a staging plan for the works to allow the annual cost of upgrade to fit within the current budgets available to Calvary.

The collaborative alliance members tendered and let the contracts and superintended the construction, installation and commissioning of the works.

The delivery of stages 1 and 2 have already been completed with a further 4 stages programmed for delivery over the next 3 years.

Value Added / Special features

The collaboration alliance members provided advice and planning to ensure there were no abortive works and that the most viable and cost effective solution was achieved.

The design that has been delivered provides a chilled water system that has sufficient redundancy to ensure that the campus does not experience losses of chilled water when single equipment failures are experienced. This is important to the Calvary clients who are often elderly and/or ill.