Employment at Barmco Mana McMurray

BMM is committed to providing a dynamic workplace which is a rewarding, challenging and encouraging environment for industry people to share and grow their expertise. When seeking staff, the BMM partners focus on more than the expected skills and competencies; a commitment to innovation, engineering excellence and the future of the industry, locally and beyond, is highly valued in all staff.

Senior Manager

Experienced senior managers with 20+ years of experience in the construction industry.


Experienced managers with 15+ years of experience in the construction industry.

Senior Consultant

Experienced senior consultants with 10+ years experience in the construction industry

Current Available Positions

Unfortunately, there are currently no positions available. 


BMM operates an internship placement program, and has links to the ANU Tech Launcher Research Program and the University of Canberra Intern placement program. Final-year engineering students are given the opportunity to work with the partnership as studies permit, and benefit from on-the-job experience and mentoring by senior staff and the partners. In turn, BMM is able to utilise the competencies of the students, as well as gaining new perspectives in engineering and IT innovation. These internships are a valued way by which BMM seeks to shape the future of engineering and also to give something back to the local industry.

If you are an engineering student and are interested in any future internship vacancies, please express your interest and include a copy of your current CV.

The Recruitment Process

Expression of Interest

You contact us to express your interest in working at Barmco Mana McMurray

Phone Conversation

One of our recruitment officers will contact you to discuss your experience and interest in working with us

Complete The Application Process

Depending on the position, we may ask for details of qualifications, work history, professional or trade association membership, names and contact details for two referees and—very importantly—what motivates you to be part of the Barmco Mana McMurray team and what skills or innovative ideas you can bring to the team.

Come In For An Interview

Meet a director and one of our senior managers to tell us more about yourself, your experiences and your view of the horizon, while we tell you about our organisations and its direction.

Join Our Team!

Successful candidates will receive a formal offer, and our recruitment officer will help you coordinate your start date and induction.

Personal Development

Staff development is a priority at BMM. The directors aim to provide long-term direction and vision for staff, who are encouraged to develop their strengths and improve their performance through performance assessments, information sessions, staff meetings, training and general support for long-term professional development.